Tuesday, June 2, 2015


The fabulous Katy Upperman has recently rejuvenated the “Currently…” posts and I thought I’d jump on that bandwagon on a semi-monthly basis. Here’s what I’m currently

All the hype and excitement about Ready. Set. WRITE! I’m excited and I’m glad other people are too! Don’t know what RSW is? All the details are right here. J
I finished Katie Cotugno’s 99 DAYS which now ranks up there with some of the “best books I’ve read this year” and then went on reading binge and flew through Courtney Summer’s ALL THE RAGE and James Patterson’s MAXIMUM RIDE FOREVER. Currently I am about two-thirds of the way through THINGS I KNOW BY HEART. I always enjoy Jessi Kirby’s stories, but I know this one is going to be my favorite.

YouTube videos. Some for research, like this really cool street soccer one.

Some for entertainment. Like this pretty amazing tribute to the past ten years of YouTube (I’m a fan of the Rs)

And some because… Flula. If you’ve seen Pitch Perfect Two, you’ll know Flula Borg as this guy.  

Obviously you want to hate him, right? Well, watch this video. He is hilarious and so, so adorable! I’m so glad my daughter makes me watch all these videos. J

Still in my eighties groove, but I’m also gearing up the playlist for my summer projects. Police, Katy Perry, Journey, and a whole lot of Pitbull. J

My next project(s). Despite any and all attempts at plotting, I’m not quite sure where either of my stories start. I have several possibilities for inciting incidents and so I think it’s going to be a matter of me sitting down and writing a first chapter for each project 24 times before I get the one I really want. *sigh*  
At least there are thoughts there. Better than none, yeah?

School ending. The end of the year is very stressful for my kiddos and there’s a lot going on. The husband and my children are in desperate need of some time off.

More good things would happen for GOOD people.
Let me explain…
Last Tuesday, my husband’s girls soccer team played an opposing crosstown rival in the eastern regional finals, one game before the State Championship game. We had beaten this team earlier in the season 3-1, then lost to them 4-0 later on. Anyway, this game? We scored first. They tied it up. The game went into overtime, then golden goal overtime, and then the other team won the game in PKs. You hate for any game to go to penalty kicks and you certainly hate to lose in them, but my husband’s girls fought hard, they left it all on the field, and I’m so extremely proud of them.
But it still sucks.
I know many of my husband's girls personally so I can vouch for the fact that they are extremely hard working, incredible, and just all around good-natured people. I don’t know much about the other team's girls, but their coach is a good friend and he’s pretty awesome and I think he runs a great and pretty classy program. However, the opposing team’s fans?  They do not seem like GOOD people.
Don’t get me wrong. Jacksonville fans can get pretty obnoxious, but the opposing team’s fans take obnoxious to a whole new level. To like, overbearingly rude. They were pretty ridiculous during the game (choral boos at ref calls, air horns and whistles intended to throw our girls off, chanting OUR believe chant), to the point I don’t think I can stand to go to another game in which they’re there, but after my husband’s girls were presented a runner-up plaque and the opposing team was pronounced Eastern Region champs, the fans sang us a parting song: “Na na na na. Hey, hey, goodbye,” waving us off like good riddance.
The girls were upset enough. That was just downright rude. And I’m tired of good things happening to people like that.
They lost in the State Championship so I guess there was a little redemption for my friend Karma, but I’m still angry. And bitter. And just frustrated that some people seem to get the breaks and others don’t. Same goes with publishing. I’ve read some really amazing stories from good people that don’t get picked up and it really frustrates me. And then I read some published works that make me cringe. I don’t get it.
Anyway, I guess I could let the anger and defeatism and frustration get me down. But frankly, all I really know how to do in situations like this is to persevere. Write another story. Practice harder. I mean, if my husband’s girls won the State title, would they just quit? Does anyone who reaches a big success marker do that? No. Win or lose, his girls will get back in gear this summer, work out, go to camps, condition and try to get to the State Championship game again next year.
I feel defeated a lot when it comes to writing and publishing. I’ve been told twice now that whatever WiP I’m looking to send out is THE ONE and so far that’s not working out to be the case. It’s frustrating. Infuriating. Depressing. So, I do the thing I have control over. Write another story. Persevere. And just try to make something happen.

But still. UGH. 

Despite that depressing tale of defeat, the good news is soccer goes on. My husband is graduating two starters. He has his entire defensive line coming back. Hopefully next year will be their year.
I had my last field day with my son yesterday and while that’s not making me happy, I do love that I could spend that field day with him.
And my children continue to make me laugh and make me proud. My son won third place in an essay contest. And my daughter blew the SATs out of the water on her first time taking it.
And my family is just an extreme bright spot in my life. Always. I hope you have similar happiness going on for you.

What’s up with you… currently?


  1. I'm right there with you on the obnoxious fans, especially when it's school events and it's adults being THE WORST. And sore winners are especially grating. But it sounds like your husband's team was classy all the way.

    I'll be rocking a summer playlist soon, too, and getting back into the writing groove with RSW :)

  2. Oh, man. I so know what you mean by your wishing section, particularly the persevering part. After a string of one crap thing after another, I'm ready for something good to happen. I'm sure you feel the same when it comes to writing/revising/querying/repeating the process. I'm sure many of us feel this way. It's nice to know we aren't alone. As for the opposing team's fans in this story? Jerks. Can't believe people are okay with being poor winners. I mean, did you really need to rub it in your girls' faces? Completely lacking in any class whatsoever.

    Anyway, I hope we can look back on this summer and see so many awesome things happening to so many awesome people. That's my wish for us. :D

  3. So much meaty stuff in your post - where to start? What to say? What a shame that people have to act that way, especially at children's sporting events. But how wonderful to have bright spots like family and the small successes on our journey. Persevere! We'll get there someday - but only those of us who keep at it.


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