Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The fabulous Katy Upperman has recently rejuvenated the “Currently…” posts and I thought I’d jump on that bandwagon on a semi-monthly basis. Here’s what I’m currently

As crazy busy as May is, I love it. My husband’s girls soccer team is in the playoffs, we celebrated my baby’s 11th birthday, and I spent Mother’s Day in Myrtle Beach at a dance competition in which my tap class scored a platinum first place. So busy, but good busy.

I just finished MOSQUITOLAND (David Arnold)—a book I would’ve never in a million years plucked off the library shelf except the library had two copies (weird) and as I was reading the jacket flap, slightly intrigued, a teenaged someone snatched the other copy and marched right up to the library counter to check it out like her life depended on it. All righty then. Clearly I had to read it after that. Clearly I did. And it was AMAZING.

Now, I’m reading Katie Cotugno’s 99 DAYS which is making me feel like a writerly schmuck because it’s SO GOOD. I need to find an awful book to read just to make myself feel better about my own writing.

There are a ridiculous number of awesome shows on Netflix I need to see and an arsenal of blue rays I need to catch up on, so what does Alison do in her rare downtime? Watches The Hangover (which I've seen a hundred times). And reruns of Miami Vice. And the Champions League semifinal (my Madrid boys lost L) and the USWNT friendlies. I am so ready for June 6! (Women’s World Cup begins and Champions League final—in case you didn’t know J)

Still on my eighties kick. Not seeing an end to that any time soon which is totally fine by me.

My next project(s). I had three on the brain and I thought I knew which one I was working on next, but then yesterday a fourth one—characters, plot, title and all—wormed it’s way in to my thoughts and yeah. Good problem to have, I guess, but still.

READY SET WRITE! 2015! The past couple summers I’ve been hosting this summer writing program/incentive with my blogging buddies Katy, Jaime, Erin, and Elodie and we’re getting ready to kick things into gear again. We’ll do a big announcement post next Monday with all the details but for now, mark June 8 on your calendar and set some goals for the summer. I’m excited for all the writing and accountability!

For a new laptop. I’ve been saving up for a Mac and I’m so ready to just buy one already. Especially now that my son has a new laptop and I gave my daughter mine. Desktops are no fun, yo.

Anyway, for all you Mac lovers out there, any recommendations? Pro or Air?

Family. Writing. Soccer. Tap. Life. Can’t complain, people. Can’t complain. Well, not too much anyway. J


  1. I've had my MacBook Pro for 2 years and I LOVE it. I've never tried the Air so I can't speak to it, but I'd definitely never buy anything but Mac. So exciting that you'll have something new soon! I recently read 99 DAYS and I enjoyed it so much, even though it made my heart hurt. I love how Katie Cotugno makes me root for characters who do terrible/irresponsible/idiotic things. She's definitely an insta-buy author for me. And you've totally sold me on MOSQUITOLAND, by the way. Have a great week, lady!

  2. Hey, did you know that the FIFA Women's World Cup is happening only an hour north of where I live? I just found that out. I imagine tickets will be impossible to get, though. I don't generally watch soccer, but I'd watch that for sure!

    I hear you on needing to read crummy books to bolster confidence. I'm so with you on that! Thankfully I'm in that position right now where the great books I'm reading are spurring me on to write better things rather than crushing my confidence. You're so right about all the shows on Netflix too. I'm not entirely sure why we're still paying for cable, to be honest. Most the time I'm binge-watching Netflix so...

    Hope you have an awesome week, and I can't wait to get going on RSW with you again! :D

  3. I recently saw MOSQUITOLAND at the bookstore and thought it looked interesting, and now I'm thinking I should've grabbed a copy. I love the story behind why you signed it out!

    I'm in the same boat as you with choosing a next project. It's so hard to narrow down which idea to jump into. I have a ton of revisions to do on my current WIP, but with RSW keeping me on track, delving into another project might happen sooner than I think! Can't wait for RSW! Hope you figure out which SNI to work on and that tons of inspiration hits you this summer!

    Good luck to your husband's soccer team and happy birthday to your kiddo! :)

  4. I think the main difference with Pro vs. Air is how much you want to do on your computer. I just sort of write and surf the internet and store enormous amounts of pictures, so my Air is awesome for me. It's sooooo light and portable. Love it! My husband, though, has a Pro. He writes software, so he needs a more powerful machine. He loves his, too. I think, really, you can't make a bad choice! :)

    And I hear you on the brain flip-flopping between projects. Mine always does that when I finish something and want to start on something new. It's so hard to pick something when there are so many fun ideas swimming around in my grey matter! Can't wait for RSW so I have the motivation to make my brain shut-up and just work on something already, lol.

  5. I am also wishing for a new laptop. As I waited for mine to crawl along the other morning I realized it's over five years old. Ugh. Guess I'd better start saving up before it conks out completely :)

    Miami Vice! I was an adult before it dawned on me what "vice" was in the context of the show. First I felt like a dummy, then I asked my mom, "How could you let kid me watch something like that???" haha

    Have fun with your next writing project!


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