Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The fabulous Katy Upperman has recently rejuvenated the “Currently…” posts and I thought I’d jump on that bandwagon on a semi-monthly basis. Here’s what I’m currently 

The weather. It’s been a consistent seventy-something here in eastern NC and my not-so-tan tan is SO HAPPY. So happy that I’m not even going to complain about how many times I sneeze every day. #stupidpollen

I finished the amazing BONE GAP (Laura Ruby) and PLEASE REMAIN CALM (Courtney Summers) last week and am currently reading
I missed out on Emery Lord’s debut (which I heard was amazing and I still plan to read), but the library had this and so far it’s really, really good. So good that I am able to look past a little math faux-pas I read yesterday and not have a crazy research rant like I did here.

 (GO Cards!)

Do you really need to ask?

Side note: I wrote a USA/Mexico friendly into the current WiP. I mean, in my story USA won 1-0 and last week, the US won 2-0, but still. Clearly, a sign. J #wishfulthinking


Last year at this time I was jamming to everything Broadway and classic rock. This year, I’m all about the eighties. Billy Idol, MJ, Madonna. Wham is my latest jam. J
All WiP inspired and totally fine by me.


My story. I know, shut up about it already! But I read through it in mostly one sitting on Saturday and I still love it and the characters and their story. I don’t know if anything will ever happen with it, but it’s given me a huge dose of happy so…

Summer. Time with my family and time at the beach. My son’s eleventh birthday. An upcoming dance competition. Getting notes back from new readers.

My synopsis would write itself. My children would stop growing up so fast. *sigh*

Family. Writing. Life. Can’t complain, people. Can’t complain. Well, not too much anyway. J

What's currently up with YOU?